15 February 2015

I’ve finally started recording new music!  Very excited to be working again with my friends Jeremy Ylvisaker and J.T. Bates on this, and hopefully the album will be released later this year…

Also, some Beer And Board Games related news:  I’m a big fan of the Irish musician Hozier, and when I found out that his brother Jon is a comedian, I invited Jon and his comedic partner Davey to be on the show.  And so we’re very pleased to welcome our first international guests to Beer And Board Games, all the way from Ireland(!), Jon Hozier-Byrne and  Davey Reilly! The live show will be streamed on Friday, February 20, on YouTube with the shorter, edited versions to be released in early March.  It will a St. Patrick’s Day themed show, and details are available at www.beerandboard.com.

I’ve also been working on a new show with Blame Society Productions, called “Rated RPG.” It’s something of a spin off from Beer And Board Games, and I serve as a moderator and online coordinator for this as well. More about Beer And Board Games can be found in this interview we did with the Cap Times.

Enjoy the rest of this lovely winter!